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so, moving...

Today is May 14.
My final day of work with my firm is May 22.
My first day of work with my new company is May 27.

Good thing I gave myself plenty of time to, y'know, move six states and adjust.

Things I still have to do:

- Identify computer-related paraphernalia hanging around my house that must be returned to the Company
- Stop capitalizing Company because the real world doesn't
- Identify items that need to be brought to the office for shredding (no, not documents identifying fraud. rather the items that we inevitably end up with fifty five copies of the same thing)
- Ensure that the workpapers I need to return are all returned
- Archive one audit file
- Archive quarterly review
- Fill out exit paperwork
- Locate boxes in which to pack belongings
- Pack said belongings
- Find a place to live

Yeah, really, that last one should probably be a bit closer to the top of the list...