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in absentia

So, yeah, this blog kind of got lost in the move and new job and new state and ... yeah, I have no excuse for ignoring it for six months.  But I'm hoping that I can actually stick with it from here on.  I kind of feel a little bit like I shouldn't even bother posting here until I'm at least finished with the draft and starting revisions, but maybe I can use this as motivation to keep going even once NaNoWriMo dies out.

At any rate...

I've posted on Crit Partner Match in hopes of finding a critique partner I can stick with this time, since the last time I tried it, it fell through.  And I figure I'll make a post here as well, asking if there's anyone working on their own draft novel looking for a partner.  I'm working on a new Taggert Twins book, having set the last one aside as irredeemably terrible.  It's sort of a Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew meets Charmed, and is currently at 73k lousy words, though not irreparably bad.  It'll take a lot of work but right now I'm just really looking for someone to read it through and ask the questions I might not be noticing myself.  I can give a summary/excerpt (I'd offer up the first ten pages but I'm pretty sure they're going to be deleted in revision because I started the book off way too slowly) if anyone's marginally interested but not sure.  No committment, either; if you want to read and decide it's not your thing, feel free to say "no, thanks."  I promise not to burn my manuscript in devastation.

I'll go back to trying to nail this down while trying to ignore the new character for another book that's talking to me in my head right now.

Have a great Thanksgiving, all!